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Grade 12 Economics
This is a market where prices of most stocks are falling.
  1. Bull market
  2. Bear market
  3. Stock market
  4. Deer market
Grade 12 Economics
None Vocabulary
  1. when a person could get hurt or be in possible harm
  2. additional count, especially in close election
  3. place to buy and sell things
  4. facts about a person, place or thing
Grade 9 Marketing
Marketing is for                            
  1. the consumer
  2. the seller
  3. everybody
  4. the consumer and the seller
  5. neither
Grade 2 Context Clues
College Marketing
Thoughts being conveyed and meaning being shared is the definition of:
  1. Marketing Mix
  2. Communication
  3. Marketing
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Innovation creation
Grade 11 Economics
In pure competition, the products of the firm are
  1. quite similar
  2. exactly the same
  3. quite different
  4. totally different
College Marketing
Collection of advetising, etc. and sharing the "brand's" meaning with the target audience defines:
  1. Communication advertising
  2. Market placement
  3. Promotion management
  4. Marketing communications
  5. Marketing strategy
College Business
Grade 12 Economics
Grade 6 Economics
Free Enterprise economic system, also known as private enterprise, and capitalism is best described as which of the following?
  1. Competition driven markets with no government involvement
  2. Government controls the market
  3. Government owns and controls the market
  4. The wealthy minority controls the market
Grade 5 Economics
The type of system the United States uses for buying and selling is called a
  1. free system
  2. consumer driven system
  3. market system
  4. democratic system
Grade 11 Economics
The market structure with the most control over prices is
  1. perfect competition
  2. monopolistic competition
  3. oligopoly
  4. monopoly
Grade 11 Economics
Which of the following is the best example of perfect competition?
  1. wheat crop
  2. an electric power company
  3. the defense industry
  4. the automotive industry
None Marketing
The market represents the                                       
  1. the place where you buy goods
  2. the people that buy goods
  3. open place food exchange to take place
  4. money
  5. none of these above
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