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Grade 7 Scientific Method
The steps used by scientists to solve problems and uncover facts is the
  1. testing method.
  2. scientific method.
  3. system method.
  4. question method.
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Which mixing method is used when making cookies?
  1. biscuit method
  2. creaming method
  3. muffin method
Grade 10 Forces and Motion
Which method uses the North, East, South, and West to identify on a grid the direction of a vector?
  1. The Y-axis method
  2. The X-axis method
  3. The Compass method
  4. The Navigation method
College Special Needs
The method of communication that involves only fingerspelling is called
  1. Oral Method
  2. Rochester Method
  3. Manual Method
  4. Total Communication
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Grade 10 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
The process of cooling hot cooked food to 41 degrees F or lower within 4 hours
  1. ice-water bath method
  2. frozen paddle method
  3. stage two method
  4. stage one method
None Fire and Rescue
When searching with TIC it recommended that you use the:
  1. Four corner method
  2. Side Method
  3. Quick sweep back and forth
  4. The circle method
Grade 11 Artificial Intelligence
In what consists the method of heuristics?
  1. a method to deduce what a robot was made for.
  2. a method to program a robot.
  3. a method that leads the robot to the best posible solution.
  4. a method to fix a robot.
Grade 11 Artificial Intelligence
What does the method of heuristics consist of?
  1. A method that leads the robot to the best possible solution.
  2. A method to program a robot.
  3. A method to fix a robot.
  4. A method to deduce what a robot was made for.
  5. A method through which the robot learns to speak.
  6. A method through which a person programs a robot's speech.
Grade 10 Ceramics
Building a ceramic piece with long, flat sections of clay is referred to as:
  1. coil construction
  2. throwing method
  3. slab construction
  4. cone method
Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. methid
  2. methd
  3. method
Grade 5 Defining Words
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