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Grade 10 Defining Words
Of or pertaining to the night; active at night.
  1. nocturn
  2. nocturnal
  3. morale
  4. moral
Grade 9 Christianity
Morality is absurd.
  1. Authentic Materialist
  2. Pure Idealist
  3. Complete Monist
  4. True Theist
  5. Both A and C are correct
Grade 6 Defining Words
legal or moral responsibility:
  1. obligation
  2. obstinate
  3. ordeal
  4. mingle
Grade 9 Christianity
The Moral Argument states:
  1. All design is the result of a designer
  2. All objective morality must come from a God
  3. Everything that begins to exist has a cause for its existence
  4. Since humans have desire that are not fulfilled in this world, we were made for another world.
  5. None of the above
Grade 9 Defining Words
weaken mentally or morally
  1. interpolate
  2. hypotenuse
  3. incredulous
  4. enervate
Grade 3 Children's Literature
What is the moral of The Lorax?
  1. Don't be greedy.
  2. Listen to the Lorax.
  3. Take care of the planet.
  4. Never cut down any trees.
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