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Grade 2 Plurals CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.2.1, L.2.1b
Make the following noun plural:
  1. mouses
  2. mice
  3. mices
  4. mouse's
Grade 1 Phonics
Animal - Mouse
  1. pat
  2. that
  3. splat
  4. rat
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Mouse added ten rockets to the tree. What happened next?
  1. Mouse took a nap.
  2. Mouse ate milk and cookies.
  3. Mouse flew off on a rocket ship.
  4. Mouse had a hundred more to go.
Grade 2 Sentence Structure CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.2.1, L.2.1f
Which choice best expands the sentence below?

The kitten chased the mouse.
  1. The kitten ran after the mouse.
  2. The gray kitten chased after the mouse.
  3. The gray kitten ran after the mouse.
  4. The kitten chased a mouse.
Grade 8 The Outsiders
Who was Mickey Mouse?
  1. Two-Bit's favorite cartoon character
  2. Soda's horse
  3. A new member of the gang
  4. Pony's dog
Grade 1 Children's Literature
The mouse will want to make a
  1. popcorn string.
  2. movie of his own.
  3. trip to the bathroom.
  4. Christmas ornament.
Grade 3 Sequence of Events CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1
Hickory, dickory, dock!
The mouse ran up the clock;
The clock struck one,
And down he ran,
Hickory, dickory, dock!

What happened AFTER the clock stuck one?
  1. The mouse was asleep in the clock.
  2. The mouse ran down the clock.
  3. The mouse sang
  4. The clock stopped ticking.
Grade 1 Adjectives
Which is bigger?
  1. a mouse
  2. a groundhog
Grade 11 Food Chains and Webs
In the food chain of plants --> mouse --> snake --> hawk, what might happen to the mouse population if snakes are removed from the ecosystem?
  1. The mouse population will decrease.
  2. The mouse population will increase.
  3. The mouse population will stay the same.
  4. It is impossible to predict.
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Grade 3 Types of Sentences
The cat caught the mouse.
  1. Simple sentence
  2. Compound sentence
Grade 8 Food Chains and Webs
A hummingbird and a field mouse are
  1. herbivores.
  2. carnivores.
  3. omnivores.
  4. decomposers.
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