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Grade 9 Music History
"Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev is an example of what genre of music?
  1. Program Music
  2. Incidental Music
  3. Classical Music
  4. Modern Music
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling word.
  1. musik
  2. musice
  3. mussic
  4. music
Grade 2 Dance
An Adagio is any dance to:
  1. hip hop
  2. classical music
  3. slow music
  4. fast music
Grade 9 Music History
Secular music is...
  1. Sacred music and folklore music put together
  2. sacred music's cousin
  3. everything that isn't sacred music
  4. made by monks
Grade 9 Musical Instruments
The saxophone is most commonly associated with:
  1. jazz music
  2. opera
  3. pop music
  4. ballet
Grade 9 Musical Instruments
The oboe is often featured in:
  1. jazz music
  2. film
  3. folksongs
  4. rock music
Grade 6 Classical - 1750-1830
Which of the following is not true about Classical Period?
  1. Music contained balanced musical phrases.
  2. There were bigger orchestras
  3. The music was less fancy than Baroque.
  4. The music was less organized.
College Musical Terms
What is a simple definition for Nocturne?
  1. Night music
  2. Dark music
  3. Sad
  4. Birth
Grade 3 Musical Notation
Accompaniment is:
  1. to sing without instruments
  2. the music in the background
  3. the music in an opera
Grade 2 Musical Terms
Which describes an OSTINATO the best?
  1. Music with many different tempo changes.
  2. Melodies repeated over and over in music.
  3. Very fast music.
  4. Music from different cultures.
None Classical - 1750-1830
What is an absolute music?
  1. music that contains word painting
  2. pure music
  3. music that is not "about" anything
  4. the Four Seasons is an example of this
Grade 10 Classical - 1750-1830
Classical music, compared to music of the past was:
  1. lighter and less complex
  2. flamboyant
  3. using obliggato more then before
  4. more polyphonic in nature
Grade 2 Sentence Structure
Grade 8 Music History
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