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Grade 3 Adjectives
Grade 11 Vocabulary CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.11-12.4
a narrow-minded person
  1. socialite
  2. bigot
  3. introvert
  4. amicable
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
Which are structural features that make bridges stronger? Select all that are correct.
  1. Triangles
  2. Wide base and a narrow top
  3. Narrow base and a wide top
Grade 7 Environmental Science
College Medical Terms
Narrowing of the opening of the stomach to the duodenum:
  1. preeclampsia
  2. meconium aspiration syndrome
  3. pyloric stenosis
  4. hydrocephalus
  5. pelvic inflammatory disease
Grade 10 Vocabulary
narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  1. kindle
  2. abhor
  3. bigot
  4. placid
Grade 11 Defining Words
narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  1. bigot
  2. nuance
  3. tangent
  4. talisman
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 9 Geography
A state with a long narrow shape is?
  1. elongated state
  2. compact state
  3. perforated state
  4. prorupted
Grade 2 Defining Words
Grade 3 Connotations and Denotations
Open : Ajar :: Closed :
  1. Wide
  2. Narrow
  3. Shut
  4. Enter
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