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Grade 8 Formation of the USA
  1. happening often
  2. not favoring either side
  3. full of self-importance
  4. fertile
Grade 6 Atomic Structure
Grade 6 Atomic Structure
An electron has a                      charge.
  1. positive
  2. negative
  3. neutral
  4. positive and neutral
Grade 7 Acids and Bases

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Grade 10 Reactions
Neutralization reaction is an example of                     .
  1. exothermic reaction
  2. endothermic reaction
  3. oxidation
  4. none of these
Grade 11 Electrical
Define neutral wire:
  1. a wire that returns current at zero voltage
  2. a continous loop of electrical current flowing along wires
  3. an uninterrupted electrical pathway
  4. a wire that carries voltage
Continuing Education Acids and Bases
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
Which of the following is neutrally charged?
  1. an ion
  2. a compound
  3. an electron
  4. a proton
Grade 10 Atomic Structure
Grade 10 Acids and Bases
Grade 8 Acids and Bases
Grade 10 Atomic Structure
Which statement correctly describes the charge of the nucleus of an atom?
  1. It is neutral.
  2. It is positively-charged.
  3. It is negative and neutral.
  4. It is negatively-charged.
Grade 6 Acids and Bases
Why is water considered to be neutral?
  1. Because the concentration of hydrogen ions is more than the concentration of hydroxide ions
  2. Because the concentration of hydrogen ions is exactly equal to the concentration of hydroxide ions
  3. Because the concentration of hydrogen ions is less than the concentration of hydroxide ions
  4. Because water does not have any hydroxide ions
Grade 8 Reactions
What does a neutralization reaction produce?
  1. Acids
  2. Bases
  3. Water and a salt
  4. Carbonated water
Grade 11 Journalism
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