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Grade 11 Paper Towns
What does Margo compare Orlando and the people in it to?
  1. Paper Peers
  2. Paper Plates
  3. Paper town and paper people
  4. Paper and Plastic
Grade 3 Properties of Matter
Which of the following will absorb the most water?
  1. Waxed paper
  2. Writing paper
  3. Paper towel
  4. Aluminum foil
Continuing Education Culinary Skills
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
In class, you have to find a male karyotype. How will you know?
  1. There will be an X and Y on the paper.
  2. There will be two X's on the paper.
  3. There will be an X and V on the paper.
  4. There will be two Y's on the paper.
Grade 7 Acids and Bases
What is the most accurate way to see acidity or alkalinity?
  1. blue litmus paper
  2. red litmus paper
  3. universal litmus paper
  4. indicator
Grade 7 Sentence Structure
Grade 9 Defining Words
Grade 10 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 4 Waves and Sound
Which of the following is translucent?
  1. cardboard
  2. tissue paper
  3. construction paper
  4. clear glass
Grade 10 Photography
Grade 9 Baking Skills
What can you line cookies sheets with to ensure an easier clean-up?
  1. parchment paper
  2. wax paper
  3. clean dish cloth
Continuing Education Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Most magnets are made of
  1. iron or paper.
  2. paper or steel.
  3. iron or steel.
  4. steel or rock.
Grade 8 Acids and Bases
Grade 9 Acids and Bases
What happens when blue litmus paper is dipped in dilute nitric acid?
  1. The blue litmus paper turns red.
  2. The blue litmus paper turns colorless.
  3. The blue litmus paper turns yellow.
  4. The blue litmus paper turns green.
Grade 5 Reactions
Which is a chemical reaction?
  1. paper tears
  2. sugar dissolves
  3. water boils
  4. paper burns
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