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Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Grade 6 European Geography
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
The act opens with Capulet having a conversation with Paris. Paris wants to know
  1. what the fight was about.
  2. where Romeo has been hiding.
  3. if he has permission to marry Juliet.
  4. how much money the Capulets have.
Grade 8 American Revolution
What it the Treaty of Paris?
  1. The document that declared war.
  2. The document that officially ended the war.
  3. The document that complained about the British.
  4. The document that praised the British.
Grade 9 Medieval Europe
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What was the Treaty of Paris of 1763?
  1. An agreement that gave Chief Pontiac all of Canada
  2. An agreement that ended the Civil War
  3. An agreement that ended the French and Indian War
  4. An agreement that allowed more French settlers to go to Canada
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
How does Paris die?
  1. Romeo kills him.
  2. He falls in the tomb.
  3. He accidentally drinks poison.
  4. He is attacked by Benvolio and Mercutio.
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
What is Capulet's response to Paris?
  1. He tells Paris to leave him alone.
  2. He asks Paris to join the family business.
  3. He suggests that Paris talk with Lady Capulet.
  4. He encourages Paris to spend more time with Juliet.
Grade 4 Colonial Period
The Treaty of Paris ended this War.
  1. French and Indian War
  2. Queen Anne's War
  3. King George's War
  4. King Williams War
Grade 8 American Revolution
When was the Treaty of Paris signed?
  1. 1780
  2. 1783
  3. 1785
  4. 1789
  5. 1791
Grade 5 Global Issues
Grade 5 Visual Arts
One of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals was built in                       .
  1. Paris, France
  2. Notre Dame, Paris
  3. Chartres, France
  4. Santa Cruz, California
Grade 8 History of Theater
In Romeo and Juliet who died by sword/dagger?
  1. Paris and Tybolt
  2. Romeo and Paris
  3. Juliet
  4. Mercutio and Tybolt
  5. A and C
  6. C and D
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Where does Capulet invite Paris?
  1. to go hunting
  2. to a party at his home
  3. to England for vacation
  4. to visit him at his summer home
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Who kills himself, Tybalt, and Paris?
  1. Mercutio
  2. Romeo
  3. Benvolio
  4. Page
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