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Grade 8 Physics
Plastic is an example of                       .
  1. Crystalline solids
  2. Non-crystalline solids
  3. Amorphous solids
  4. Both b and c
Grade 3 Environmental Science
Grade 8 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Plastics are produced from -
  1. natural gas
  2. petroleum
  3. minerals
  4. Synthetics
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Plastic is an example of a(n)                      .
  1. crystalline solid
  2. amorphous solid
  3. fluid
  4. high viscosity liquid
Grade 6 Environmental Science
Plastic is made from
  1. recycled bicycle tires.
  2. petroleum.
  3. petrified calcium carbonate.
  4. bark from the cork tree.
Grade 9 Meal Planning
Why is it more advisable to freeze soups or stews in metal or plastic containers rather than glass containers?
  1. metal and plastic won't leach minerals from food
  2. metal and plastic are flexible
  3. metal and plastic won't change the taste of food
  4. metal and plastic are more economical
Grade 3 Environmental Science
Which one of these can be recycled?
  1. a plastic bottle
  2. a paper towel
  3. a plastic bag
  4. a Styrofoam cup
Grade 8 Organic Chemistry
Grade 6 Magnetism and Electricity
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)

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What is something you could do that James and Zoe would say was okay?
  1. Refill a plastic water bottle
  2. Throw a plastic water bottle on the ground
  3. Cut up a plastic water bottle and throw it away
Grade 12 Prenatal and Child Care
Continuing Education Construction
Grade 1 Botany
Which comes from a plant?
  1. cotton
  2. scissors
  3. plastic
Grade 7 Environmental Science
Which of the following properties makes plastics a problem when discarded as waste? You may choose more than one.
  1. Plastics tend to decompose readily in sunlight.
  2. Plastics tend to float in water, posing special hazards to aquatic life.
  3. Plastics tend not to break down in the environment.
  4. Plastics combine easily with other chemicals.
Grade 2 Musical Instruments
Grade 2 Themes of Geography
What is not a natural resource?
  1. land
  2. water
  3. plastic
  4. air
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