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Grade 9 Sports
The sport powerlifting involves these three lifts.
  1. Bench press, dead lift and squat
  2. Bench press, shoulder press and squat
  3. Bench press, dead lift and leg press
College Fitness
Exercises designed to train the chest muscles are:
  1. push-ups, dips, military press, and barbell bench press
  2. push-ups, pull-up, dips, and barbell bench press
  3. push-ups, dips, barbell bench press, and machine bench press
  4. push-ups, barbell bench press, military press, and machine bench press
Grade 6 Fluid Mechanics
What does water pressure do?
  1. It presses downward on an object.
  2. It presses upward on an object.
  3. It presses both upward and downward on an object.
  4. It does not press upward or downward on an object.
Grade 6 Defining Words
To press together
  1. elevate
  2. level
  3. compress
Grade 10 Fitness
What is an example of an auxiliary lift?
  1. Bench Press
  2. Leg Press
  3. Squats
  4. Bicep Curl
Grade 12 Cosmetology
Grade 5 Defining Words
What is the meaning of pressing?
  1. management and behavior
  2. urgent
  3. positioning yourself against a support
  4. very small and tightly packed
Grade 8 Renaissance and Reformation
Grade 12 Cosmetology
How is the majority of hair straightening accomplished during a pressing service?
  1. taking wide partings
  2. by applying excess pressing oil
  3. by using the center teeth of the pressing comb
  4. by pressing the spine of the comb against the hair
Grade 4 Historical Geology
College Business
What are the two foreign-language or international editions in Global Print Media?
  1. Associated Press (AP)
  2. Reuters
  3. Agence France-Presse
  4. general newspapers and financial newspapers
Grade 7 Root Words
The root word "press' means to:
  1. shape, order, arrange or fashion
  2. squeeze, push together or strike
  3. pull, drag or draw
  4. carry, bear or bring
Grade 9 Renaissance and Reformation
Who founded the printing press?
  1. Johannes Gutenburg
  2. Cosmo De Medici
  3. Michelangelo
  4. Aristotle
Grade 5 Defining Words
something that is urgent
  1. pressing
  2. conduct
  3. cramped
  4. representatives
Grade 5 Defining Words
positioning yourself against a support
  1. shattered
  2. bracing
  3. pressing
  4. embark
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
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