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College Public Health
What is the difference between private ownership and private not for profit ownership of hospitals?
  1. The physicians at privately owned hospitals make more $$
  2. Non-profit hospitals give lower quality service
  3. Private not for profit hospitals operate so that all money earned above operating costs goes back into the business
  4. Privately owned hospitals never give any charity care
Grade 6 Percy Jackson
Percy goes to the private school:
  1. Yarmouth
  2. Yale Academy
  3. New York Academy
  4. Yancy Academy
Grade 9 Scientific Method
Grade 5 Defining Words
Something kept hidden or private
  1. cyberspace
  2. Internet
  3. secret
  4. obsessed
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. private
  2. privete
  3. privite
Grade 9 Defining Words
Grade 9 Personal Finance
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 11 Industrialization
What allowed private enterprises to flourish?
  1. minimum government interference
  2. intense government interference
  3. no government interference
Grade 4 Economics
Which is NOT an example of private goods and services?
  1. a new car
  2. an iPad
  3. a school
  4. a cell phone
Grade 8 Executive Branch
Grade 8 US Government
Grade 7 Early National Era
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