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Grade 11 Prefixes and Suffixes
Based on the meaning of its prefix and suffix, what is the definition of NONPROFITABLE?
  1. Not profiting
  2. Not capable of making profit
  3. Capable of making a profit
  4. Profiting
Grade 7 Economics
Profit is
  1. tools and knowledge used by humans
  2. the difference between cost and income
  3. bringing water to crops
None Medical Practices
In financial terms, what are the three types of healthcare organizations are?
  1. For Profit (proprietary), Not For-Profit, Government-runned.
  2. Not-for Profit, Proprietary (For Profit), Govern Run/Govern Supported
  3. Proprietary, Non-Profit, Government owned
  4. For Profit, Government sanction, Proprietary
Grade 11 Economics
In accounting terms, profits are                                                       .
  1. the difference between revenues and expenses
  2. the difference between commissions earned and receipts
  3. the difference between sales and expenses
  4. the sum of sales and expenses
Grade 7 Personal Finance
Grade 7 Minerals
The properties of being                              make a diamond a gemstone.
  1. rare and beautiful
  2. useful and profitable
  3. easy to obtain and beautiful
  4. rare and profitable
Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. profet
  2. profit
  3. prophit
Grade 8 Defining Words
producing a great deal of profit
  1. loll
  2. lucrative
  3. luminous
  4. mercenary
Grade 3 Context Clues
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