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Grade 10 Macromolecules
Grade 9 Macromolecules
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
What does the binding of epinephrine to its receptor activate?
  1. K protein
  2. G protein
  3. D protein
  4. A protein
Grade 9 Meal Planning
This protein contains all of the essential amino acids.
  1. neutral protein
  2. incomplete protein
  3. simple protein
  4. complete protein
Grade 9 Macromolecules
What proteins bind to signal molecules, enabling them to pass on information to cells?
  1. end proteins
  2. marker proteins
  3. channel proteins
  4. receptor proteins
Grade 11 Cell Structure and Function
Which type of protein could be most easily removed from the cell membrane during a laboratory experiment?
  1. integral proteins
  2. channel proteins
  3. gated channel proteins
  4. peripheral proteins
College Cell Structure and Function
If protein A has a channel/tunnel and protein B has a binding site, transport protein A                                                                                                                                                     while transport protein B                                                                                                                                                    .
  1. transports solute across cell membranes by active transport .... transports solute by passive transport
  2. participates in osmosis ..... moves solute from high to low solute concentration
  3. allows solute to travel up the concentration gradient across the cell membrane .... allows solute to pass passively down the concentration gradient
  4. obtains energy for solute transport from ATP .... does not require energy for transport of solute
  5. transports solute across cell membranes by facilitated diffusion .... transports solute up the concentration gradient by active transport
College DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Rho protein is a prokaryotic protein that does what?
  1. Enhances gene expression
  2. Represses gene expression
  3. Makes the DNA accessible for transcription
  4. Terminates transcription
  5. Cuts out the DNA excess
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
Which of the series lists the organic molecules in the order that they are used to produce energy?
  1. lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins
  2. carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids
  3. carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins
  4. proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates
Grade 11 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Which is the sequence of the transfer of information in most organisms?
  1. protein to DNA to RNA
  2. RNA to DNA to protein
  3. DNA to RNA to protein
  4. RNA to protein to DNA
Continuing Education Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Muscle tissue is comprised primarily of:
  1. Carbohydrates and Water
  2. Protein and Fat
  3. Carbohydrates and Protein
  4. Protein and Water
Grade 9 Macromolecules
Ruffnut and Tuffnut made fish sandwiches to eat for lunch. What two macromolecules did they eat the most of during lunch?
  1. carbohydrates and proteins
  2. carbohydrates and lipids
  3. lipids and proteins
  4. proteins and fatty acids
Grade 9 Macromolecules
The monomers of proteins are
  1. amino acids.
  2. monosaccharides.
  3. nucleotides.
  4. peptides.
Grade 10 Macromolecules
Proteins are made of
  1. fatty acids.
  2. nucleotides.
  3. amino acids.
  4. sugars.
College Diet and Nutrition
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
What makes up a cell membrane?
  1. proteins and cell wall
  2. chromatin and proteins
  3. phospholipids and cell wall
  4. proteins and phospholipids
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