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Grade 12 US Government
Views shared by a segment of society regarding issues of interest or concern are known as:
  1. Public discourse
  2. Public policy
  3. Public media
  4. Public opinion
Grade 5 WWII
Grade 12 US Government
The defendants who cannot afford to hire a lawyer, are appointed one of the following individuals
  1. Public Prosecutor
  2. Public Advocate
  3. Public Defender
  4. none of the above
Grade 4 Civil Rights
One of the first sit-ins in Mississippi took place at the                         in 1961.
  1. Oxford Public Library
  2. Trigg Public Library
  3. Greenwood Public Library
  4. Jackson Public Library
Grade 3 US Government
A public issue is                                  
  1. something I don't like
  2. something many people disagree on
  3. something one person disagrees on
  4. my nail polish
Grade 4 Defining Words
A public notice
  1. announcement
  2. harness
  3. lumberjacks
  4. requirements
Grade 4 Defining Words
public showings
  1. crime
  2. exhibit
  3. reference
  4. stumped
Grade 8 Public Health
Public health is                                                                             .
  1. speaking or arguing in favor of something
  2. the practice of protecting and improving the health of people in a community
  3. a message created to educate people about an issue
  4. the way communication skills are used
Grade 3 US Government
Public Discourse is                                                                                  
  1. when people talk about their personal problems
  2. an argument between two people
  3. an argument in a community
  4. when people in a community talk about a shared problem and decide on a a solution
Grade 9 Early National Era
The act of seizing for public use or of impressing into public service.
  1. Public Seizing
  2. Impressment
  3. Public Service Act
  4. Judicial Ruling
None Medical Practices
Maintaining healthy teeth and keeping the breath fresh is called:
  1. oral hygiene
  2. halitosis
  3. public sanitation
  4. public intoxication
None Medical Practices
An individual's system of maintaining cleanliness and health is know as:
  1. nutrition
  2. public hygiene
  3. personal hygiene
  4. public sanitation
Grade 5 Goin' Someplace Special
What message is chiseled in stone at the Public Library?
Grade 7 Defining Words
College Communication Skills and Public Speaking
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