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Grade 6 The Frontier
What purchase did the U.S make that gave it more of Mexico's northern land?
  1. The Louisiana Purchase
  2. The Purchase
  3. The Gadsden Purchase
  4. The Purchase of Mexico
Grade 11 The Frontier
What purchase was a 30,000 square-mile strip of land that is now part of Southern Arizona and New Mexico?
  1. Gadsen Purchase
  2. Spanish Purchase
  3. Arizona Purchase
  4. Louisiana Purchase
Grade 9 Early National Era
What doubled the size of the United States?
  1. Southwestern Purchase
  2. Louisana Purchase
  3. California Purchase
  4. Missouri Purchase
Grade 7 The Frontier
Grade 11 Personal Finance
An item that is bought without previous planning or consideration of the long-term effects.
  1. impulse purchase
  2. sale item
  3. smart purchase
  4. spontaneous purchase
Grade 8 Tenses CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.8.1, L.8.1b
Which choice correctly changes the sentence below, written using passive voice, into a sentence using active voice?

A new car was purchased by him.
  1. He purchased a new car.
  2. A new car was purchased by John.
  3. A new car was purchased.
  4. John purchased the new car purchased by him.
Grade 11 The Frontier
What was Seward's Folly?
  1. The purchase of Alaska from Russia
  2. The Louisiana Purchase
Grade 8 Verbs
Grade 9 Early National Era
The purchase by the United States from France of the huge Louisiana Territory in 1803.
  1. The Territory Purchase
  2. The Landowner Trials
  3. The Georgetown Agreement.
  4. The Louisiana Purchase
Grade 11 The Frontier
Lewis and Clark explored American territory acquired in the -
  1. Mexican Cession
  2. Louisiana Purchase
  3. Gadsden Purchase
  4. Adams-On'­s Treaty
Grade 11 Early National Era
Which agreement was made with England?
  1. Louisiana Purchase
  2. Adams-On'­s Treaty
  3. Gadsden Purchase
  4. Oregon Treaty
Grade 2 Defining Words
When you give something up you
  1. abandon it.
  2. purchase it.
  3. keep it.
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. perchase
  2. pirchase
  3. purchase
Grade 6 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling
  1. purchase
  2. perchese
  3. purshase
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Which of the following things cannot be done with a debit card but can be done with a credit card?
  1. Go into debt
  2. Rent a car
  3. Purchase something online
  4. Purchase an airline ticket
Grade 6 The Frontier
The reason for the Gadsden Purchase was to
  1. improve farm production in the southwest.
  2. build a railroad to the Pacific.
  3. end conflict with Native American tribes in the area.
  4. pay Mexico for suffering caused during the Mexican-American War.
Grade 12 Economics
Which of the following would be an example of an intermediate good or service?
  1. A calculator purchased by a college student
  2. Gasoline purchased by an insurance agent visiting a client
  3. A house purchased by a family with four children
  4. A car purchased by a student's parents and given to the student
  5. Tuition paid by a student at a state university
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