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Grade 4 Plurals
Choose the plural form of the noun: quality
  1. qualities
  2. qualitys
  3. quality's
Grade 11 Defining Words
A dollar bill has "intrinsic" qualities which are...
  1. accidental qualities; superficial
  2. adherent qualities; outer worth
  3. the same as its extrinsic qualities
  4. inherent qualities; inner worth
Grade 11 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Grade 7 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.6, L.7.6
Diminishing in quality
  1. Brood
  2. Euphemisim
  3. Deterioration
  4. Conterfiet
College Public Health
Grade 6 Economics
How does competition affect the market according to Adam Smith?
  1. Prices will be reasonably low on poor quality products
  2. Prices will be high on quality products
  3. Product quality will go down
  4. Product price will go down and quality will go up
None Public Health
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What is NOT a symptom of Reinke's Edema?
  1. Dry throat
  2. Hoarseness
  3. Vocal Quality is normal
  4. Harsh vocal quality
Grade 12 Defining Words
Rich and superior in quality
  1. opulent
  2. tepid
  3. chaotic
  4. elated
Grade 6 Defining Words
Clearness in quality or appearance:
  1. clarity
  2. biodegradable
  3. confine
  4. inflammation
Grade 8 Defining Words
a level of quality or attainment
  1. detect
  2. standards
  3. stringent
  4. manufacture
Grade 9 Defining Words
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