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Grade 11 Economics
In the case of supply, as price increases
  1. the quantity supplied decreases.
  2. the quantity supplied increases.
  3. the quantity supplied stays the same.
  4. the quantity supplied decreases then increases.
Continuing Education Vocabulary
  1. huge
  2. small
  3. amount
  4. price
Grade 7 Bonds and Mixing
College Quantum Physics and the Atom
Which of the following describes the energy quantities involved in the electrons in different energy levels of an atom?
  1. Indistinct energy quantities
  2. Varying energy quantities
  3. Fixed energy quantities
  4. Both (a) and (b)
Grade 12 Economics
When quantity demanded is more than quantity supplied
  1. Surplus
  2. Supply
  3. Shortage
  4. Collusion
Grade 12 Economics
When quantity supplied is more than quantity demanded
  1. Equilibrium
  2. Shortage
  3. Surplus
  4. Minimum
Grade 8 Defining Words
a prodigious quantity
  1. small
  2. minute
  3. average
  4. huge
Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. quanity
  2. quantity
  3. quanttity
Grade 11 Defining Words
Present in great quantity
  1. abundant
  2. delete
  3. abscond
  4. choice
Grade 9 Defining Words
Grade 5 Defining Words
a sufficient or abundant quantity
  1. author
  2. tossed
  3. plenty
  4. narrator
Grade 5 Defining Words
a sufficient or abundant quantity
  1. author
  2. narrator
  3. plenty
  4. tossed
Grade 10 Physics
Which is a derived quantity?
  1. length
  2. mass
  3. force
Grade 12 Economics
This is the point at which quantity of labor demanded is equal to the quantity of labor supplied.
  1. Equilibrium wage
  2. Equilibrium price
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Equilibrium grade
Grade 11 Properties of Matter
Grade 12 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.11-12.2

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What is the main idea of the passage?
  1. Majority rules
  2. Minority rules
  3. Quality trumps quantity
  4. Quantity and quality co-exist
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