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Continuing Education Verbs
Grade 3 Prefixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4b
What does reread mean?
  1. read before
  2. read again
  3. read wrong
  4. not read
Grade 6 Civil War
Although Sojourner Truth was a very powerful speaker, she could not
  1. read or see
  2. read or walk
  3. read or write
  4. read or speak
Grade 2 Spelling
Continuing Education Verbs
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
What does reread mean?
  1. read before
  2. read again
  3. read wrong
  4. able to
Grade 8 Tenses
None ING Words

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  1. readding
  2. reading
  3. readinng
Continuing Education Sentence Structure
Put the words in the right order: reads/Singnalong/book/a
  1. Singnalong reads a book.
  2. Reads Singnalong a book.
  3. Book reads a Singnalong.
  4. A book reads Singnalong.
Grade 9 Study Skills and Strategies
Reading the intro paragraph, table of contents, and conclusion paragraph is a good example of a:
  1. Pre-reading strategy
  2. During-reading strategy
  3. Post-reading strategy
Grade 3 Ancient History
What three subjects did boys in both ancient Greece and ancient Sumer study?
  1. reading, writing, and math
  2. reading, writing, and social studies
  3. reading, science, and math
  4. reading, writing, and science
Grade 12 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Asking questions, finding answers, and reacting to author's ideas are all part of
  1. silent reading.
  2. active reading.
  3. good listening skills.
  4. the ability to read quickly.
Grade 3 Prefixes
What do you do if you reread a book?
  1. You read it for the first time.
  2. You read it one time.
  3. You read it again.
  4. You don't read it.
Grade 12 US Government
If you are being arrested by the police, what must the police do first regarding your rights as a citizen?
  1. Read Your Bill of Attainder Rights
  2. Read Your Miranda Rights
  3. Read Your Bill of Rights
  4. Read the charges against you
Grade 7 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Good readers                                          .
  1. ask questions about what they are reading
  2. visualize what they are reading
  3. read everyday
  4. all of the above
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