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Grade 7 Context Clues CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.7.4

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Which of the following best describes the word sepulchral as it is used in the third paragraph of the passage?
  1. relating to hard work
  2. relating to a place of burial
  3. relating to a religious conversion
  4. relating to education
Grade 2 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. relait
  2. relate
  3. relat
  4. reilate
Grade 9 Defining Words
  1. relating to or involved in therapy
  2. relating to or involved in humanity
  3. relating to or involved in science
  4. relating to or involved in mathematics
Grade 9 Atmosphere
If the amount of air stays the same at 1 kilogram, and the temperature decreases, what is most likely for relative humidity?
  1. relative humidity increases
  2. relative humidity decreases
  3. relative humidity stays the same
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. causing one to think or consider something
  2. covered in cloud
  3. to get into
  4. compared with
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Because the quagga and the mountain zebra have almost identical DNA structure, they are thought to be
  1. very closely related.
  2. distantly related.
  3. not related at all.
  4. none of the above; DNA structure does not show how closely organisms are related.
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
What is fetal alcohol syndrome?
  1. Tabacco related birth effects
  2. Drug related birth effects
  3. Alcohol related birth effects
  4. All of the above
Grade 12 Derivatives
Identify and classify the extrema of the given function.
  1. Relative maximum: [math](-1, 3/2); \ [/math] relative minimum: [math](1/3, -1)[/math]
  2. Relative maximum: [math](-1, 1); \ [/math] absolute minimum: [math](1/3, -5/27)[/math]
  3. Relative maximum: [math](-1, 1); \ [/math] relative minimum: [math](1/3, -5/27)[/math]
  4. Relative maximum: [math](-1, 3/2); \ [/math] no relative or absolute minimums
Grade 4 Capitalization and Punctuation CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.4.2, L.4.2b
Choose the sentence that is written correctly.
  1. "The snipe is related to the gull," Ann continued.
  2. "The snipe is related to the gull." Ann continued.
  3. "The snipe is related to the gull!" Ann continued.
  4. "The snipe is related to the gull" Ann continued.
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
Relative location is
  1. the hemisphere in which a place is located.
  2. the description of a place using the relation of one place to another.
  3. the coordinates at which a place is located.
  4. the mailing address of a location.
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Epistemology is related to                
  1. teens
  2. parents
  3. philosophy
  4. mathematics
Grade 2 STEM Words
Grade 11 Vocabulary CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.11-12.4
relating to twilight
  1. horrific
  2. crepuscular
  3. nocturnal
  4. obfuscate
Grade 5 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.5.4
Relating to fireworks.
  1. pyrotechnic
  2. fireotechnic
  3. fireworkers
  4. pyromaniac
Grade 9 Functions and Relations
A set of ordered pairs.
  1. Range
  2. Relation
  3. Function
Grade 8 Historical Geology
Grade 12 Solvents, Solutes, and Solubility
If Q: concentration of the substance momentarily produced in the solution by mixing the reagents
S : equilibrium solubility

then what is the correct representation for "relative supersaturation"?
  1. Relative supersaturation = [math][Q - S] /S[/math]
  2. Relative supersaturation = [math][Q + S] / [S][/math]
  3. Relative supersaturation = [math][Q xx S] / [S][/math]
  4. Relative supersaturation = [math][Q // S] xx S[/math]
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