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Grade 8 Tectonics
A deep-ocean trench is shown on the diagram at I.
Subduction Zone
Oceanic crust rock samples are collected at I and J. Which relative ages of the rock samples would provide evidence that the seafloor is spreading mid-ocean and being recycled at the trench?
  1. Sample J is older than Sample I.
  2. Sample I is older than Sample J.
  3. Sample I and Sample J are the same age and old.
  4. Sample I and Sample J are the same age and young.
Grade 7 Collecting and Interpreting Data CCSS: 7.SP.A.1
Which of the ways of getting information listed below is an unbiased sampling method?
  1. Convenience sample
  2. Voluntary response sample
  3. Stratified random sample
  4. Self-selected sample
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
A geologist finds a rock and breaks it into two pieces to examine the crystals inside. The two pieces of the rock are then labeled Sample A and Sample B. Sample A is twice as large as Sample B. Which of the following statements is true?
  1. Sample A is denser than Sample B.
  2. Sample B is denser than Sample A.
  3. Sample A and Sample B have the same density.
  4. Sample A and Sample B are both less dense than the original rock.
Grade 11 Collecting and Interpreting Data
Continuing Education DNA, RNA, and Genetics
None Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Grade 10 Psychology
To conduct a valid study of a large population, you should use a(n)?
  1. naturalistic observation
  2. nonrepresentative sample
  3. representative sample
  4. case study
Grade 11 Statistics and Probability Concepts
Grade 12 Collecting and Interpreting Data
How would you change from cluster sampling to stratified sampling?
  1. Randomly choose subjects from the population
  2. Randomly choose subjects from each group
  3. Choose all the subjects from a group
  4. Do not make any changes
Grade 11 Rocks
Look at the two rock samples below.
Rock - Igneous - GabbroRock - Igneous - Granite
Which of the following statements is TRUE for both rocks?
  1. Both samples exhibit foliated texture.
  2. Both samples were formed intrusively.
  3. Both samples were formed organically.
  4. Both samples are mafic in composition.
Grade 7 Collecting and Interpreting Data CCSS: 7.SP.A.1
A team of scientists is trying to find out what percentage of people in the United States have a little known medical condition. Which of the following sample groups is likely to be biased?
  1. A simple random sample of 2,000 subjects
  2. A convenience sample of 2,000 subjects
  3. A stratified random sample of 1,500 subjects
  4. A systematic random sample of 3,000 subjects
College Medical Practices
The following items can be stored in the lab refrigerator
  1. urine samples
  2. blood samples
  3. tuna sandwiches
  4. either a or b is correct
Grade 5 Defining Words
moved quickly with short steps
  1. stalked
  2. sampled
  3. scurried
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