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Grade 9 Acids and Bases
What is the scale called that measures the strength of acids and bases?
  1. pH scale
  2. Acidity scale
  3. Corrosive scale
  4. Hydrogen scale
Grade 6 Minerals
What is the scale that is used to indicate hardness of a mineral?
  1. Red scale
  2. Mohs Scale
  3. Einstein Scale
  4. Ellie Scale
Grade 8 Tectonics
What measures an earthquake's magnitude?
  1. Mercalli scale
  2. Interval scale
  3. Richter scale
  4. Ratio scale
Grade 11 Heat Transfer
When working gas law problems, all temperatures must be converted to the
  1. Celsius scale.
  2. Fahrenheit scale.
  3. Boyle scale.
  4. Kelvin scale.
Grade 3 Tectonics
Grade 3 Heat Transfer
Scientists usually use the metric temperature scale that is called what?
  1. Fahrenheit scale
  2. Music scale
  3. Weight scale
  4. Celsius scale
Grade 7 Tectonics
Grade 8 Tectonics
The rating system that measures the magnitude of an earthquake.
  1. O'Brien Scale
  2. Richter Scale
  3. Meyers Scale
  4. Fallon Scale
Continuing Education Scales
A leading tone is:
  1. The first note of a scale
  2. The seventh note of a scale
  3. The fifth note of a scale
  4. Is not a member of a scale
Grade 10 Tectonics
What scale measures the magnitude of the largest wave during an earthquake?
  1. The Richter scale
  2. The moment magnitude scale
  3. Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale
  4. The amplitude scale
Grade 9 Historical Geology
Which is a calendar of Earth's past?
  1. geologic time scale
  2. geometric time scale
  3. genetic time scale
  4. genealogical time scale
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Which scale is used to rate hurricane intensity?
  1. Saffir-Simpson Scale
  2. Fujita Scale
Grade 6 Acids and Bases
On the pH scale, where can you find strong acids and strong bases?
  1. In the middle of the pH scale
  2. On the right side of the pH scale
  3. On the left side of the pH scale
  4. On either end of the pH scale
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