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Kindergarten Counting and Comparing Numbers
Grade 3 Context Clues
What does the word laboratory mean in the following sentence? Thomas Edison spent many hours in his laboratory trying to make a lightbulb.
  1. a place where a scientist eats
  2. a house where a scientist lives
  3. a room where a scientist sleeps
  4. a place where a scientist works
Grade 3 Scientific Methods and Applications
Which is true about scientists?
  1. Male scientists study technology and female scientists study animals.
  2. Scientists never come from poor places.
  3. Scientists can be men or women.
  4. Scientists have to work at colleges.
Grade 5 Scientific Method
Which thing should scientists NOT do?
  1. keep good records and data
  2. question other scientists
  3. ignore other scientists
  4. discuss their data with other scientists
Grade 9 Scientific Method
A scientist is investigating a new treatment for a disease that affects thousands of people. Many people with this disease volunteer to be part of the study. Which statement is an ethical concern that the scientist must address before conducting the study?
  1. The scientist must ensure that the treatment will be effective.
  2. The scientist must ensure that the study's results will not be shared with other scientists.
  3. The scientist must inform the volunteers about the potential dangers of participating in the study.
  4. The scientist must demonstrate the treatment on themself.
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. scientest
  2. scientist
  3. scyentist
Grade 7 Context Clues
Deals in experiments; makes discoveries.
  1. a nurse
  2. a mechanic
  3. a scientist
Grade 9 Scientific Method
Objectivity is when
  1. the opinions of the scientists do not affect the results.
  2. the opinions of the scientists are included in the results.
  3. scientists repeat investigations, making results more valid.
Grade 5 Scientific Method
Which statement is correct?
  1. Scientists never repeat an experiment.
  2. Scientists most often repeat an experiment one time.
  3. Scientists most often repeat an experiment many times.
  4. If a scientist repeats an experiment, the results will not be reliable.
Grade 7 Lab Practices and Tools
Goggles help
  1. protect the eyes.
  2. scientists see better.
  3. scientists look stylish.
  4. see underwater.
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Scientists replicate the work of other scientists to                                                 .
  1. prove them wrong
  2. begin new and different projects
  3. take advantage of new technology
  4. make sure experiments were carried out correctly
Grade 1 American Revolution
Grade 6 People and Places
What is a person who studies science called?
  1. a sciencian
  2. a scientist
  3. a scientor
  4. a scienter
Grade 3 Scientific Methods and Applications
Grade 12 Social Studies
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
What is Mrs. Murry's job?
  1. a doctor
  2. a lawyer
  3. a scientist
  4. a teacher
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