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None Topics in the News
In which section of the newspaper can I find want ads?
  1. news section
  2. opinion section
  3. classified section
  4. sports section
Continuing Education JavaScript
Where is the correct place to insert a JavaScript?
  1. The <head> section
  2. The <body> section
  3. Both the <head> section and the <body> section are correct
Grade 7 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.7.4, L.7.4b
If the root "mater" means "mother," a maternity ward in a hospital is most likely
  1. a section for women to be treated.
  2. a section where babies are born.
  3. a section where children are cared for.
  4. a section for mothers of doctors to visit.
Grade 6 Library Science
A large book that does not fit on the fiction shelves would be filed:
  1. In the fiction section
  2. In the oversized fiction section
  3. In the nonfiction section
  4. On the 8th grade only cart
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Choose the definition that best fits the word.

  1. a section at the beginning of a book
  2. a section at the end of a book
Grade 12 Job Search and Career
In what part of the newspaper can you find ads for jobs?
  1. the front page
  2. the sports section
  3. the classified section
Grade 6 Library Science
Where does a book with a blue, red, or green sticker belong?
  1. Fiction section
  2. Nonfiction section
  3. Lower level
  4. Biography
Grade 2 Music Theory
If music has an ABACA pattern form, which statement is most likely true?
  1. There will be 5 different sections of music heard.
  2. The first, third, and fifth section will sound alike.
  3. Section B and C will sound alike.
  4. Section A will sound the best.
Continuing Education CSS
Where in an HTML document is the correct place to refer to an external style sheet?
  1. In the <body> section
  2. At the end of the document
  3. At the top of the document
  4. In the <head> section
Continuing Education Musical Terms
Grade 3 Fractions and Ratios CCSS: 3.NF.A.1
What is the meaning of the numerator in the following example?

Mrs. Smith planted corn in [math]3/4[/math] of her garden as shown in the model:
Rectangle 3/4
  1. Her garden could be divided up into 4 sections.
  2. Her garden could be divided up into 3 sections.
  3. She planted corn in 4 sections.
  4. She planted corn in 3 sections.
Grade 4 Defining Words
None Navy
Which of the follow is NOT apart of the T56 Power plant assembly?
  1. Power Section Assembly
  2. Tachometer Generator
  3. Reduction Gear Box
  4. Torque Meter Section
Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
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