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Grade 4 Multiplication CCSS: 4.NBT.B.5
Grade 9 Meal Planning
According to health authorities, how much protein should we consume each day?
  1. 2-3 servings
  2. 1-2 servings
  3. 3-4 servings
  4. no servings needed
Grade 3 Spelling
Grade 11 Volleyball
Players may serve the ball by:
  1. serving overhand
  2. serving underhand
  3. jump serving
  4. all of the above
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
What is the function of NADPH?
  1. It serves as a piggyback carrier.
  2. It serves as a glucose carrier.
  3. It serves as an electron carrier.
Continuing Education Culinary Math
When scaling a recipe, identify the mathematic formula for finding the conversion factor.
  1. divide the desired number of servings by the original number of servings
  2. multiply the original number of servings by the desired number of servings
  3. divide the desired number of servings by 3.14 and multiply by the original number of servings
  4. multiply the desired number of servings by the original number of servings
Grade 10 Sports
A legal serve is a serve that is                                        
  1. hitting the wall or bleachers first
  2. one that touches the net on the way over
  3. underhand
  4. assisted by a teammate
Grade 6 Pickleball
In pickleball, how must you serve?
  1. Overhand
  2. Jump Serve
  3. Underhand
  4. Bounce and Serve
Grade 8 Tennis
An ace is a
  1. serve that goes out
  2. serve that hits the net and then goes in the box
  3. serve that is good and untouched by the returner
  4. serve that is hit with slice
Grade 9 Macromolecules
Which statement describes the function of enzymes?
  1. They serve as biological impediments.
  2. They serve as catalysts in reactions.
  3. They serve as biological reactants.
  4. All of the above
Continuing Education Sentence Structure
Which sentence turns the words below into a negative statement?
Make sure the sentence is also grammatically correct.

The restaurant + serve hot food
  1. The restaurant serve hot food.
  2. The restaurant serves hot food.
  3. The restaurant do not serve hot food.
  4. The restaurant does not serve hot food.
Grade 9 Tennis
The service box is an area on the court that                                                                             
  1. the person serving must stand in
  2. the ball must land in to be a playable serve
  3. the person returning the serve must be standing in before a server can serve
  4. is marked by a big X
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