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Grade 5 Vocabulary
Grade 2 Colonial Period
A settlement is a
  1. ship.
  2. coast.
  3. small community.
None Business Technology
Settlement date
  1. Scheduled times at which a bank will release or pick up credit or debit transactions clearing through the ACH Network.
  2. The process by which a cheque is presented to and accepted by the drawee bank, the institution on which it is drawn.
  3. An automated clearing house (ACH) association or Federal Reserve Bank that processes and distributes ACH transactions received from an originating financial institution.
  4. The date on which a security transaction is settled, for example, payment is made and securities are physically received and delivered or beneficial ownership records are changed in central securities depositories.
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Religious settlement or outpost
  1. friar
  2. mission
  3. church
  4. pueblo
Grade 3 Synonyms
The dorms had a dispute over the winner.

Synonym for DISPUTE
  1. Agreement
  2. Understanding
  3. Settlement
  4. Disagreement
Grade 4 Defining Words
Left behind or gave up
  1. residents
  2. remote
  3. abandoned
  4. settlement
Grade 5 Geography
Collection of foods, especially those grown as a crop
  1. harvest
  2. tobacco
  3. fields
  4. settlement
Grade 5 Defining Words
small communities started by people new to the area
  1. colonist
  2. settlement
  3. permanent
  4. disease
Grade 5 Colonial Period
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Grade 4 Defining Words
Town or region newly populated
  1. abandoned
  2. remote
  3. settlement
  4. tsunami
Grade 11 Vocabulary
  1. related
  2. denial
  3. settlement
  4. accept
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 4 Defining Words
People who live in a particular place
  1. settlement
  2. residents
  3. abandoned
  4. remote
None English as a Second Language ESL
A                 means an agreement.
  1. coincidence
  2. compromise
  3. rift
  4. settlement
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