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Grade 10 Zoology
The shell of a mollusk is the
  1. mantle.
  2. valve.
  3. carapace.
  4. gill.
Grade 9 Atomic Structure
What are electron shells?
  1. Things that break off of the atom.
  2. Layers that protons can peel away when they combine.
  3. A collection of large white electrons.
  4. The energy levels where the electrons orbit the atom.
College Chemistry
The reactivity of an atom arises from...
  1. the average distance of the outermost electron shell from the nucelus
  2. the existence of unpaired electrons in the valence shell
  3. the sum of the potential energies of all the electron shells
  4. the potential energy of the valence shell
Grade 7 Zoology
A "square" on a turtle's shell is a
  1. scute.
  2. rostrum.
  3. carapace.
  4. plastron.
Continuing Education Culinary Skills
Egg shells are permeable and will
  1. protect the egg from bacteria.
  2. add many nutrients if blended in a smoothie.
  3. turn color as they age.
  4. absorb smells and flavors in your fridge.
Grade 7 Dynastic China
Grade 1 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
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