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Grade 4 Plurals
Grade 4 Fact and Opinion
Grade 7 Lab Practices and Tools
What type of shoes should you wear at your lab station?
  1. no shoes
  2. open-toed shoes
  3. closed-toed shoes
  4. flip-flops
Grade 11 Lab Practices and Tools
The best footwear to wear in the laboratory is                          .
  1. closed-toed shoes
  2. open-toed shoes
  3. weather-appropriate shoes
  4. sandals
Kindergarten Parts of Speech CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.K.1, L.K.1d
Grade 1 Subject-Verb Agreement
Grade 2 Sentence Structure CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.2.1f
Which is a sentence fragment?
  1. Carlos bought new shoes.
  2. The shoes on the front porch.
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 9 Welding and Metal Fabrication
Which of the following footwear would NOT contribute to shop safety?
  1. closed toed shoes
  2. sandals
  3. tennis shoes
  4. hunter boots
None Job Search and Career
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
Which two items are taken away from prisoners, according to Steve?
  1. shoelaces and belts
  2. shoes and shoelaces
  3. glasses and medicine
  4. money and shoes
Grade 9 Daily Living Skills
You are buying a new pair of shoes. What information is needed?
  1. the name of the store
  2. the price of your old shoes
  3. your shoe size
Kindergarten Plurals CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.K.1, L.K.1c
To make SHOE plural, you:
  1. add an s
  2. add an es
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