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Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
In prokaryotes, most cells have all the genetic material in
  1. mitosis.
  2. interphase.
  3. a single chromatin.
  4. a single chromosome.
Grade 9 Oceanography and Hydrology
A single high and a single low tide daily.
  1. Diurnal tides
  2. Neap tides
  3. Spring tides
  4. Tidal range
Grade 6 Magnetism and Electricity
A plastic ruler can get a positive charge by
  1. gaining a single negative charge.
  2. losing a single negative charge.
  3. gaining a single positive charge.
  4. losing a single positive charge.
Grade 12 Electrical
The contacts on a typical normally open pushbutton switch would be classified as what?
  1. Double Pole; Single Break
  2. Single Pole; Double Break
  3. Double Pole; Double Break
  4. Single Pole; Single Break
Grade 6 Simple Machines
Which of the following pulleys or systems provides a mechanical advantage? Choose the best answer.
  1. Single Fixed Pulley, Single Movable Pulley, Block and Tackle
  2. Single Movable Pulley, Block and Tackle
  3. Single Fixed Pulley, Single Movable Pulley
  4. Single Fixed Pulley, Block and Tackle
  5. None of the above
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 7 Vocabulary
A single person
  1. individual
  2. honor
  3. apprehensive
  4. concept
  5. resources
Grade 8 Microbiology
What is the organization of bacteria?
  1. multicellular
  2. single-celled
Grade 10 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 6 Microbiology
Organisms that are single-celled are
  1. lonely cells.
  2. unicellular.
  3. multicellular.
Grade 9 Badminton
A singles badminton court is                   .
  1. 15 feet by 40 feet
  2. 16 feet by 42 feet
  3. 17 feet by 44 feet
  4. 18 feet by 46 feet
Grade 7 Absolutism
What do an absolute monarchy and an autocracy have in common?
  1. a single legislative house
  2. a written constitution
  3. a single ruler
  4. a national court system
Grade 7 Bonds and Mixing
Carbon atoms can join other atoms in a                               .
  1. double bond
  2. triple bond
  3. single bond
  4. single, double, or triple bond
College Bonds and Mixing
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