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Grade 11 Russian Revolution
What is a "soviet"?
  1. a militia
  2. a political party
  3. a worker's council
  4. the Russian legislature
Grade 9 WWII
What broke the Nazi-Soviet Pact?
  1. The Soviet's invasion of Poland
  2. The German's invasion of Poland
  3. The German's invasion of the Soviet Union
  4. The Soviet's invasion of Germany
Grade 10 WWII
Which three countries were the primary participants in the Potsdam Conference?
  1. United States, Soviet Union, and Germany
  2. United States, Soviet Union, and France
  3. United States, Soviet Union, and United Kingdom
  4. United States, Soviet Union, and Japan
Grade 9 Cold War
What two countries were the most involved in the Arms Race?
  1. U.S. and Soviet Union
  2. Germany and Soviet Union
  3. Italy and Germany
  4. U.S. and Korea
Grade 9 Cold War
The Soviet Union's response to NATO was the
  1. Truman Doctrine
  2. Warsaw Pact
  3. Berlin Airlift
  4. Marshall Plan
Grade 9 Modern Era
Who were the key players in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  1. Cuba and US
  2. Soviet Union and US
  3. Panama, US and Cuba
  4. Soviet, US and Cuba
Grade 10 Night

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Which party took over in 1944?
  1. Socialists
  2. Facists
  3. Democrats
  4. Soviets
Grade 11 Modern Europe
Grade 9 WWII
Who helped Egypt defend themselves from Mussolini?
  1. The Soviet Union
  2. The U.S.
  3. Britain
  4. Japan
Grade 9 Modern Era
President Nixon was the first American President to visit
  1. China
  2. Soviet Union
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
Grade 6 WWII
Hitler was voted the leader (Chancellor) of:
  1. Poland
  2. Soviet Union
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
Grade 7 Modern Era
What 2 countries supported North Vietnam?
  1. France
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Soviet Union
Grade 6 Russian Revolution
Joseph Stalin, one of the most powerful leaders in Russian history, developed the Five-Year plan. This Plan:
  1. was successful but did not help the Soviet Union become very powerful.
  2. was unsuccessful and caused Stalin to be ousted as leader of the Soviet Union
  3. was unsuccessful but helped the Soviet Union gain some respect in the World.
  4. was successful and helped the Soviet Union become as powerful as the United States.
Grade 9 Modern Era
What was Sputnik?
  1. a soviet satellite
  2. soviet atomic bomb program
  3. spread of communism
  4. code word for blockade of West Berlin
Grade 11 Russian Revolution
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