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Graduate Sociology
Relationships can be conceived as existing in ______ instead of ______.
  1. Phrase Space/Phase Space
  2. Phase Space/Phrase Space
Grade 7 Business
After the complimentary close in a personal business letter what is the line spacing?
  1. Single space
  2. Double space
  3. Triple space
  4. Quadruple space
Grade 9 Visual Arts
In a work of art, the space around an object is called
  1. negative space
  2. positive space
  3. full space
  4. contour space
Grade 7 Business
What is the line spacing between the sub-title of a table and the table?
  1. single space
  2. double space
  3. triple space
  4. quadruple space
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Shape occupies what kind of space?
  1. 3-D space
  2. implied space
  3. controlled space
  4. 2-D space
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Grade 6 Space Exploration
ISS is the abbreviation for which of the following?
  1. Internal Space Station
  2. International Space Station
  3. Inverted Space Station
  4. Industrial Space Service
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Empty space surrounding shapes and forms.
  1. atmosphere
  2. negative space
  3. positive space
  4. stippling
Grade 12 Sculpture
An unfilled area in a three-dimensional work.
  1. Form
  2. Negative Space
  3. Positive Space
  4. Relief
Grade 9 Musical Theater
Grade 7 Musical Notation
How many lines and spaces are there on a music staff?
  1. 5 lines/4 spaces
  2. 5 lines/5 spaces
  3. 5 lines/6 spaces
  4. 6 lines/4 spaces
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Aerial perspective is also known as
  1. atmospheric perspective
  2. one-point perspective
  3. implied perspective
  4. linear perspective
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