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Grade 10 Listening and Speaking Skills
A speech composed word for word and then delivered from memory
  1. memorized speech
  2. impromptu speech
  3. extemporaneous speech
  4. scripted speech
Grade 5 Vocabulary
Grade 4 Teachings of the Bible
Matthew 5 is referred to as the:
  1. Mountian Speech
  2. Lord's Prayer
  3. Beatitudes
  4. Blessed Speech
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What are the 2 Speech thresholds that are measured?
  1. Speech cross check, speech recognition
  2. Pure tone cross check, Central auditory processing
  3. Speech recognition threshold, Speech awareness threshold
  4. Speech awareness threshold, central auditory processing
Grade 11 Defining Words
Grade 6 US Laws and Amendments
List three key freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment:
  1. speech, religion, and press
  2. religion, assembly, and murder
  3. petition, speech, and murder
  4. bear arms, due process, and speech
Grade 4 Defining Words
a formal speech
  1. address
  2. divided
  3. haste
Grade 7 Parts of Speech CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.7.1a
Grade 8 Defining Words
A farewell speech
  1. victory
  2. vocational
  3. vocal
  4. valedictory
College Speech and Voice Disorders
Speech Audiometry is...
  1. A Key compent in quantifying the ability to understand everyday communication
  2. A relatively slow way to estimae thresholds in children and elderly
  3. A fairly sensitive indicator of sensioneural disorders
Grade 6 Defining Words
A speech disorder.
  1. lithe
  2. coarse
  3. lisp
  4. whooping cough
Grade 5 Civil War
How did abolitionist spread their work?
  1. Speeches and newspapers
  2. Radio
  3. TV
Grade 5 Spelling
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. speech
  2. specch
  3. sppech
  4. spech
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What Speech measurement is useful for differential diagnosis?
  1. Speech Thresholds
  2. Central Auditory Processing
  3. Pure tone Cross checking
  4. Speech Recognition
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