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Grade 8 US History
What is carved on the outside of the Lincoln Memorial?
  1. 50 states
  2. 48 states
  3. 35 states
  4. 30 states
  5. 25 states
Grade 9 Geography
A state that inlcudes several discontinous pieces of territory is a?
  1. fragmented State
  2. prorupted state
  3. compact state
  4. elongated state
None United States (Local)
How many states are in the Southeast?
  1. 5 States
  2. 10 States
  3. 25 States
  4. 7 States
Grade 9 Geography
A state that completely surrounds another one is?
  1. compact state
  2. prorupted state
  3. elongated state
  4. fragmented state
  5. perforated state
Grade 9 Social Studies Words
Grade 9 United States Now
How many states have legalized same-sex marriage?
  1. 50 states
  2. 19 states
  3. 25 states
  4. 37 states
Grade 4 Kentucky
What is the nickname for Kentucky?
  1. The Golden State
  2. The Sunshine State
  3. The Sunflower State
  4. The Bluegrass State
Grade 11 Missouri
Missouri was a admitted to the US as the
  1. 15th state
  2. 21st state
  3. 24th state
  4. 31st state
Grade 3 US Geography
What is New York's nickname?
  1. The Empire State
  2. The Granite State
  3. The Apple State
Grade 9 Illinois
State Nickname of Illinois is.
  1. Cardinal State
  2. Sunshine State
  3. Prairie State
  4. Peach Blossom State
Grade 10 The Scarlet Letter
What kind of state was Hester Prynne found in?
  1. state of nervous excitement
  2. state of despair
  3. state of fear
  4. state of sickness
Grade 6 Civil War
The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in which states?
  1. Union States
  2. Border States
  3. Confederate States
Grade 3 US Geography
What is Pennsylvania's nickname?
  1. The Buckeye State
  2. The Vounteer State
  3. The Keystone State
Grade 9 Geography
A state with a long narrow shape is?
  1. elongated state
  2. compact state
  3. perforated state
  4. prorupted
Grade 12 US Government
The public sphere deals with collective decisions beyond the control of individuals; as such, the public sphere would tend to be the most extensive in which types of states?
  1. liberal-democratic states
  2. constitutional states
  3. laissez-faire states
  4. limited government states
  5. totalitarian states
Grade 3 US Geography
What is Virginia's nickname?
  1. The First State
  2. The Empire State
  3. The Old Dominion State
Grade 3 US Geography
What is Texas' nickname?
  1. Big Sky State
  2. Lone Star State
  3. Panhandle State
  4. Old Dominion State
Grade 9 US Government
The amount of representative each state receives in the House is determined by
  1. number of voters in that state.
  2. population of the state.
  3. how many representatives are elected in that state.
  4. area of the state.
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