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None English as a Second Language ESL
He is very strong. He                       .
  1. has a lot of strength
  2. have a lot of strength
  3. is a lot of strength
  4. are a lot of strength
Grade 9 Fitness
Muscular strength is:
  1. the ability for arm muscles to lift weights over your head
  2. the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to exert maximum force
  3. the ability to run more than one mile
  4. the ability to jump over a car
Grade 6 Defining Words
full of strength:
  1. theory
  2. pursue
  3. vain
  4. vigorous
Grade 3 Fitness
The Fitnessgram Curl Up test assess...
  1. Upper Body Strength
  2. Trunk Extensor
  3. Abdominal Strength
Grade 5 Fitness
Doing push-ups.
  1. aerobic endurance
  2. flexibility
  3. muscular strength
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Strength emotionally or mentally.
  1. fortitude
  2. bravado
  3. hot headed
  4. perilous
None Concrete Placement
Concrete strength is measured in                       .
  1. Pounds per inch
  2. Pounds per square inch
  3. Pounds per yard
  4. Pounds per meter
Grade 8 Job Search and Career
Natural strengths and abilities.
  1. Passion
  2. Talents
  3. Transferable Skills
  4. Heart
Grade 7 Tectonics
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)

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None Vocabulary
Grade 11 Bonds and Mixing
The strength of a bond depends upon                                           .
  1. free rotation about a bond
  2. extent of overlapping between the radicals
  3. resonance in the molecule
  4. whether the overlap is axial or sidewise
Grade 8 Physics
The strength of the force of friction depends on                           .
  1. the roughness of surfaces
  2. force acting on surfaces
  3. the smoothness of surfaces
  4. all of the above
None Vocabulary
Grade 9 Fitness
Increasing muscular strength helps:
  1. increase lean tissue
  2. decrease body fat
  3. improve fitness
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 Fitness
Which is NOT a benefit of strength training?
  1. aids in prevention of injuries.
  2. builds self-esteem and confidence.
  3. increases lean muscle mass.
  4. stunts a person's growth.
Grade 9 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
Identify the strength of ceramic cookware.
  1. conducts heat well
  2. responds well to temperature changes
  3. light in weight
  4. retains heat well
None Vocabulary
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