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Grade 9 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Grade 12 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Grade 9 Chemistry
Sucrose is
  1. Grain Sugar.
  2. Milk Sugar.
  3. Double Sugars.
  4. Table Sugar.
Grade 9 Chemistry
Maltose is
  1. Milk sugar.
  2. Table sugar.
  3. Grain sugar.
  4. Glucose.
Grade 9 Chemistry
Lactose is
  1. Milk Sugar.
  2. Table sugar.
  3. Grain sugar.
  4. Fructose.
Continuing Education Baking Skills
  1. gives structure to a quick bread
  2. adds sweetness to a baked product
  3. serves as a tenderizing agent in baked products
  4. helps to incorporate air into a baked product
Grade 7 Bonds and Mixing
Jonny is mixing a solution in science class. He is told to mix sugar and oil. What will Jonny most likely conclude about his solution?
  1. Sugar is soluble in oil
  2. Sugar is insoluble in oil
  3. Oil is insoluble in sugar
  4. Oil is soluble in sugar
College Macromolecules
What is a(n) example of carbohydrate?
  1. Sugar
  2. Starch
  3. Both sugar and starch
  4. Neither sugar and starch
Grade 11 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
The "backbone" of the DNA molecule is made up of two components:
  1. sugars and phosphates.
  2. bases and sugars.
  3. nucleotides and phosphates.
  4. monomers and sugars.
Grade 7 Macromolecules
Grade 3 Diet and Nutrition
4 grams of sugar equals                       .
  1. 1 cup of sugar
  2. 2 tablespoons of sugar
  3. 4 ounces of sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon of sugar
Continuing Education Baking Skills
Your baked muffins are dark brown on top and sticky in the center. What is likely the problem?
  1. not enough sugar and overcooked
  2. not enough sugar and undercooked
  3. too much sugar and undercooked
  4. too much sugar and overcooked
Grade 8 Colonial Period
The Sugar Act
  1. This act stated that Parliament had the power to make laws for the colonies in all cases whatsoever
  2. This act required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, when they bought paper items
  3. This act set duties on molasses and sugar imported by colonists.
  4. This act allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists
Grade 7 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
The sugar in DNA is
  1. deoxyribose.
  2. ribose.
  3. sucrose.
  4. glucose.
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
What is the action of Insulin?
  1. To lower blood sugar.
  2. To raise blood sugar.
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
When baking soda is mixed with flour and heated, it does not taste good. What ingredients can you add to improve the taste?
  1. salt and more flour
  2. brown sugar, buttermilk, vinegar, honey, applesauce
  3. granulated sugar, powered sugar or raw sugar.
College Culinary Skills
The Maillard reaction begins with a simple reaction between which two substances?
  1. carbohydrates and sugar
  2. amino acids and sugar
  3. amino acids and fat
  4. fat and sugar
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