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Grade 8 Waves and Sound
What type of surfaces tend to provide the best reflection for sound waves?
  1. Soft, absorbent surfaces
  2. Transparent surfaces
  3. Smooth, hard surfaces
  4. Curved surfaces
Continuing Education Architectural Features and Trim
When installing a paint grade casing, at what depth should the fasteners be set too?
  1. At the surface
  2. Slightly above the surface
  3. Slightly below the surface
  4. 1/4" below the surface
Grade 8 Physics
The strength of the force of friction depends on                           .
  1. the roughness of surfaces
  2. force acting on surfaces
  3. the smoothness of surfaces
  4. all of the above
Grade 11 Light and Optics
Grade 11 Anatomical Organization
Grade 10 Chemistry
Which of the following best describes adhesion?
  1. Ability of a substance to bind to other protons and neutrons
  2. Ability of a surface to bind to a similar surface
  3. Ability of a surface to bind to another surface
Continuing Education Atmosphere
What are the characteristics of unstable air?
  1. Turbulence and good surface visibility
  2. Turbulence and poor surface visibility
  3. Nimbostratus clouds and good surface visibility
Grade 8 Simple Machines
Grade 12 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
For a cell surface to be a respiratory cell surface, it must be
  1. thick, dry, and covered with hair.
  2. moist and glandular.
  3. expansive.
  4. thin and moist.
  5. internal.
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