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College Personal Finance
Sales tax and excise tax are both taxes on:
  1. Consumption
  2. Income
  3. Property
  4. Wealth
Grade 8 Business
What are the three main types of taxes?
  1. unemployment tax, sales tax, and property tax
  2. federal income tax, unemployment tax, and state income tax
  3. Income tax, sale tax, and property tax
  4. sales tax, property tax, and unemployment tax
Grade 9 Economics
Grade 2 Economics
Grade 10 Economics
Taxes on the sale of tobacco, gasoline, and alcohol are
  1. gift taxes
  2. property taxes
  3. estate taxes
  4. excise taxes
Grade 12 Economics
Tax on the production or sale of a good
  1. Free tax
  2. Consumer tax
  3. Excise tax
  4. Income tax
Grade 10 Illinois
Which is the main source of funds for primary and secondary schools?
  1. Sales taxes
  2. Gasoline taxes
  3. Property taxes
  4. Income taxes
Grade 8 Economics
Grade 12 Civil Rights
Grade 12 Economics
Profits from stocks would be taxable under what type of tax?
  1. income tax
  2. property tax
  3. investment tax
  4. capital gains tax
Grade 10 Economics
This is sometimes known as the "hidden" tax.
  1. sales tax
  2. tariff
  3. excise tax
  4. estate tax
Grade 8 Economics
Grade 3 Economics
Taxes are                                                                                    
  1. a way for cities to collect funds to build new buildings and provide city services.
  2. not fair.
  3. only paid by rich people.
Grade 10 Economics
Employers must withhold from your paycheck:
  1. federal income tax
  2. property taxes
  3. excise taxes
  4. tariffs
Grade 12 Economics
Money collected for medicare is known as what type of tax?
  1. payroll tax
  2. proportional tax
  3. regressive tax
  4. both b and c
Grade 12 Personal Finance
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