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Grade 6 Verbs
past tense of to tell
  1. telled
  2. told
  3. will tell
  4. tells
Grade 5 Prefixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.5.4, L.5.4b
The prefix PRO- means "before," so a PROPHET is someone who:
  1. tells of the past
  2. tells of the future
  3. tells of the present
  4. none of the above
Grade 3 Vocabulary

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Grade 1 Lab Practices and Tools
What do we use a thermometer for?
  1. It tells us how we feel.
  2. It tells how windy it is outside.
  3. It tells the temperature of the air.
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. to tell of events that will never happen
  2. tell of events that are in the future
  3. tell of events that lead up to the present events
  4. to tell of event that are complete lies
Grade 5 Lab Practices and Tools
What should you do if something spills or breaks?
  1. clean up
  2. tell your friend
  3. tell the teacher
Grade 1 Types of Sentences
Which definition below describes a telling sentence?
  1. A telling sentence asks a question.
  2. A telling sentence makes a statement.
  3. A telling sentence shows strong feelings.
Grade 9 Odyssey
Why did Hermes travel to Calypso's island?
  1. to tell Calypso to keep Odysseus trapped
  2. to tell Calypso to free Odysseus
  3. to tell Calypso to trick Odysseus
Grade 3 Basketball
If a friend is dribbling a basketball with both hands on the ball, how would you analiyze their dribbling?
  1. Tell them "great job"
  2. Tell them "use 1 hand"
  3. Tell them "make a point"
Grade 10 Writing CCSS: CCRA.W.3, W.9-10.3a
Which of the following is NOT a method for opening a narrative?
  1. Tell a joke
  2. Tell a story
  3. Give a statement
  4. Describe an event
Grade 8 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Grade 2 Main Idea
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