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Grade 8 Visual Arts
Texture is
  1. always smooth
  2. never rough
  3. the same as value
  4. the way something feels
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Simulated textures are also known as
  1. Actual textures
  2. Visual textures
  3. Tactile textures
  4. Feelings
College Performance and Listening
Grade 4 Anatomical Organization
College Baroque - 1600-1750
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Grade 9 Rocks
A metamorphic rock can be best classified according to its
  1. density and texture.
  2. color and composition.
  3. texture and composition.
  4. density and color.
Continuing Education Cosmetology
Texturizing reduces bulk without:
  1. lengthening the hair
  2. adding volume to the hair
  3. adding additional movement to the hair
  4. shortening the overall length appearance of the hair
None Fashion and Style
Grade 6 Rocks
What is meant by the texture of a rock?
  1. how its grains look
  2. the color of the rock
  3. the hardness of the rock
Grade 6 Soil
The texture of soil depends mainly on
  1. the types of plants that grow in the soil.
  2. the size of the particles in the soil.
  3. the color of the soil.
  4. the number of worms in the soil.
Grade 10 Rocks
Marcelo needs to identify the rock shown.
Rock - Metamorphic - Quartzite
Which two properties should Marcelo examine to help him identify the rock?
  1. size and density
  2. density and texture
  3. color and composition
  4. texture and composition
Grade 9 Visual Arts
College Performance and Listening
The texture of this piece can be described as:
  1. monophonic
  2. homophonic
  3. polyphonic
Grade 8 Soil
What determines a soil's texture?
  1. water content.
  2. mineral composition.
  3. thickness.
  4. particle sizes.
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