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Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
How is the ever-changing Merryweather High mascot significant to the novel?
  1. It adds to the theme of identity.
  2. It adds to the theme of individuality.
  3. It adds to the theme of appearance vs. reality.
  4. There is no significance to the novel.
Grade 11 Young Adult Literature
How is the ever-changing Merryweather High mascot significant to the novel?
  1. It adds to the theme of identity
  2. It adds to the theme of individuality
  3. It adds to the theme of appearance vs. reality
  4. There is not significance to the novel
None Classical - 1750-1830
What are elements in the recapitulation of a sonata form?
  1. return of the first theme
  2. return of the second theme in tonic key
  3. return of the second theme in dominant or relative major key
  4. development of motives and themes
Grade 7 Story Elements
Theme is the...
  1. central message expressed in a story.
  2. way of life.
  3. highest point of interest in the story.
Grade 8 Story Elements
Grade 8 History of Theater
A tragedy is:
  1. A theme that is serious in nature where the hero lives.
  2. A theme that is serious in depth where the hero dies.
  3. A theme that is exaggerated where the hero dies.
  4. A theme that is exaggerated where the hero lives.
College Performance and Listening
Grade 5 Theme
Eddie Schaffer wheeled through the corridors of Riverside Middle School like a race car passing the pit stops at the Daytona Speedway! If Principal Shandling could give out speeding tickets, Eddie would owe hundreds of dollars in fines by now. As it was, the harried principal simply told Eddie to slow down no less than twelve times a day as he mumbled, "I wish all our students were as eager to get to class on time!"

Eddie's friends marveled at his enthusiasm, his teachers were thrilled to have him in their class, and everyone had long since grown accustomed to his bulky, squeaky wheelchair. After all, it never seemed to slow him down.

After school, he played softball right along with the rest of the kids, smacking the ball with his fist and then zooming around the bases like a bolt of lightning. At PE, he was a star athlete, as healthy as anyone else on the playing field. In band class, he played the trumpet like nobody's business.

Eddie's best friend, Jeremy, was just as athletic, but doubly-blessed by the fact that he could still use both his legs. He loved to push Eddie around, saying it made him twice as strong! Some people thought that it was Jeremy who inspired Eddie to do more, go faster, and be better. But those who listened to Jeremy the day Eddie got hurt knew differently.

Monday morning dawned clear and bright for the kids in Mr. Fisker's homeroom class. They made paper airplanes, chatted about the weekend, and visited loudly until their teacher stood up from his desk and made an announcement:
"Gang," he said wearily, as if he hadn't slept the night before. "I have bad news. Jeremy Givens was in a car accident over the weekend, and his left leg was badly broken. They say that even if it heals properly, he will always have a limp from now on."

The class gasped, thinking of Jeremy's many awards and ribbons for running, jumping, and sprinting. They thought of his bright future as a high school track star, now ruined. Boys shook their heads sadly, some of the girls even cried. But not Eddie.

Jeremy's best friend just cleared his throat and raised his hand. "Mr. Fisker," he said proudly. "I know Jeremy, and if anyone can get over having a limp, it's my best buddy. I've watched him run when he was winded, keep doing push-ups long after his arms had turned to Jell-O, and he's never given up yet..."

What is the theme of this passage?
  1. Don't let anything stop you.
  2. Give in to your struggles.
  3. Life often throws you curveballs.
  4. A positive attitude is everything.
Grade 7 Theater
The theme of a play:
  1. describes the details of the setting
  2. is where and when the play takes place
  3. is a statement of life which the playwright builds the play around
  4. is the action or main events
Grade 6 Theme
What is theme?
  1. the problem in the story
  2. time, place, and duration in a story
  3. the development of the central conflict and resolution
  4. the central message or idea about life
Grade 9 Emily Dickinson

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The theme of the poem is:
  1. Hope flies away and leaves us alone.
  2. Hope sings, waits patiently and never asks for anything from us.
  3. Birds are everywhere, you can't escape them.
  4. Birds hurt people by attacking them during a storm.
Grade 10 Story Elements
The theme of a story is:
  1. sequence of events
  2. a universal idea presented within the story
  3. people or animals
  4. place and time
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Grade 6 Story Elements
Grade 8 Story Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.8.3
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