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Grade 3 Subject-Verb Agreement

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Grade 11 Vocabulary
can be touched
  1. Tangible
  2. Replete
  3. Counterfeit
  4. Abasement
Grade 11 Defining Words
can be touched
  1. tangible
  2. nullify
  3. cower
  4. enhance
Grade 10 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Which of the following personal behaviors can contaminate food?
  1. touching a pimple
  2. touching hair
  3. nose picking
  4. all the above
College Culinary Skills
What are the two chemosensory senses?
  1. smelling, touching
  2. seeing, hearing
  3. tasting, touching
  4. smelling, tasting
Graduate Medical Practices
In the administration of local anesthetics the blockade of nerves typically occurs in which order
  1. SNS -> temp -> motor -> touch -> pain
  2. SNS -> temp -> pain -> touch -> motor
  3. SNS -> motor -> pain -> touch -> temp
  4. SNS -> motor -> touch -> temp -> pain
Grade 10 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The five senses are
  1. touch, hearing, taste, sight, feel.
  2. touch, hearing, taste, sight, smell.
  3. touch, hearing, taste, sight, think.
  4. touch, hearing, taste, sight, flight.
Grade 9 The Bells

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Grade 3 Tennis
Players are not allowed to touch
  1. the racquet.
  2. the net.
  3. the ground.
Grade 6 Defining Words
a tender, loving touch:
  1. belated
  2. caress
  3. convey
  4. exclude
Grade 5 Defining Words
a touching or meeting of things
  1. contact
  2. erode
  3. formation
Grade 2 Spelling
Grade 11 Botany
Positive thigmotropism is a response                .
  1. toward heat
  2. away from heat
  3. towards touch
  4. away from touch
Continuing Education Commercial Driving
If a tire is too hot to touch:
  1. drive slowly
  2. remain stopped until the tire cools off
  3. let air out to release pressure
  4. cool it down with water
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