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Grade 4 Prefixes and Suffixes
  1. treat nicely
  2. treat poorly
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
What is the base word in mistreated?
  1. treated
  2. mis
  3. treat
  4. mistreat
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
  1. treat properly
  2. do not treat properly
Grade 5 Prefixes
Choose the definition that matches the word.

  1. treat properly
  2. do not treat properly
Grade 2 Social Studies
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
None Medical Practices
how do you treat someone who has been poisoned?
  1. treat themlike a victim of shock
  2. treat them like a rabid dog
  3. treat them like they are perfectly fine
  4. treat them like your entertainment for the night
Grade 3 Themes
Grade 1 Spelling
Grade 3 Seasonal Words
Grade 2 African-American Literature
College Microbiology
Colds are effectively treated with                                .
  1. antibiotics
  2. aspirin and acetaminophen.
  3. proteases
  4. nucleotide analogs.
  5. None of the choices is correct.
College Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Given to treat thrombocytopenia .
  1. PRBC (packed red cells)
  2. Whole Blood
  3. Plasma
  4. Platelets
Grade 11 Vocabulary
A                 treats skin diseases
  1. podiatrist
  2. dermatologist
  3. orthopedist
  4. neurologist
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