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Grade 6 Civil War
The underground railroad was
  1. a subway that slaves rode to enter a free state
  2. a tunnel underground that slaves utilized in order to gain their freedom
  3. a railroad underground that slaves road to freedom
  4. a network of safe areas where slaves can stay while escaping to freedom
Grade 8 Civil War
The Underground Railroad
  1. was a tunnel of buried train cars that ran along state borders.
  2. was an informal organization of safe houses that helped escaping slaves reach Canada.
  3. was a secret organization that supported slavery in the northern states.
  4. was an organization committed to the arrest and conviction of abolitionists.
Grade 5 Civil War
The Underground Railroad was
  1. an underground train
  2. a secret caves the slaves traveled
  3. a group of people that helped slaves escape
  4. A railroad haunted by the ghost of slaves
Grade 4 Prefixes and Suffixes
below the ground
  1. overground
  2. underground
Grade 6 Tectonics
Which best describes an earthquake?
  1. a sudden snap underground
  2. an underground explosion
  3. a gradual bending of the crust
  4. none of these
Grade 5 Defining Words
The train that runs underground:
  1. subway
  2. submarine
  3. subjected
Grade 6 Defining Words
The underground, home for the dead:
  1. gloomy
  2. underworld
  3. wither
  4. shiver
Grade 4 Prefixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.4.4, L.4.4b
The word underground means
  1. above the ground.
  2. below the ground.
  3. on the ground.
  4. in the ground.
Grade 4 Civil War
What was the underground railroad?
  1. a train used by slaves
  2. a place slave owners went to get new slaves
  3. a vast network of people, safe houses, & routes all used to help fugitive slaves escape to the north, Canada, and Mexico
  4. an underground railway used by slave owners to transport their wares
Grade 2 Adverbs
Grade 9 Oceanography and Hydrology
Most of Earth's freshwater is
  1. frozen.
  2. liquid.
  3. underground.
Grade 3 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 6 Civil War
Grade 9 Botany
Which root system is found in grasses and ferns?
  1. aerial
  2. fibrous
  3. taproot
  4. underground
Grade 9 Botany
An underground stem surrounded by scales is
  1. woody.
  2. herbaceous.
  3. a vegetable.
  4. a bulb.
Grade 3 Oceanography and Hydrology
Earth's underground supply of water is                .
  1. condensation
  2. groundwater
  3. stratus
  4. precipitation
Grade 6 Defining Words
A spice plant that grows underground.
  1. wither
  2. bear fruit
  3. ginger root
  4. sprout
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