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Grade 3 Children's Literature
What word was the Once-ler left with?
  1. Adios
  2. Greed
  3. Unless
  4. Forever
Grade 12 Phrases and Clauses
Unless the mail comes before noon, Sarah will miss the deadline.

"Unless the mail comes before noon" is an example of:
  1. participal phrase
  2. misplaced modifier
  3. adverbial phrase
  4. appositive phrase
  5. adverbial clause
Grade 11 Personal Finance

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A minor cannot open a checking account unless:
  1. they invest $50.00.
  2. they have a direct deposit paycheck.
  3. a parent is on the account.
  4. they have a driver's license.
Continuing Education Kitchen Equipment and Tools
An appliance should not be placed in water unless it is labeled                                   .
  1. with an UL symbol.
  2. with an American seal of approval.
  3. made in America tag.
  4. "immersible"
  5. free coupon for purchase tag.
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
An object in motion will stay in motion unless what happens?
  1. it will always stop
  2. it becomes frozen
  3. a force acts on it
None Interior Stairs and Railings
When constructing a set of stairs the handrail must be continuous unless
  1. at doorways or newel posts for changes in direction.
  2. there is a landing.
  3. the stair is less than 43".
  4. the stairs do not need a handrail.
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