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None Cities, States, and Countries

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Grade 7 People and Places
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. washington
  2. Wasington
  3. washinton
  4. Washington
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Which of the following actions did President Washington take at the beginning of his first term?
  1. He decided to move the nation's capital to Washington, D.C.
  2. He established the House of Representatives.
  3. He named well-known, talented leaders to head government departments.
  4. He asked state governments to repay federal and state debts.
Grade 3 The Presidents
George Washington's picture is on the
  1. dollar and dime
  2. five dollar bill and penny
  3. dollar and quarter
  4. nickel and dime
Grade 3 US Geography
Grade 2 US Geography
What is the capital of Washington?
  1. Olympia
  2. Carson City
  3. Salem
Grade 5 The Frontier
"Oregon Country" included the places we now know as:
  1. California, Oregon, and Washington
  2. Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho
  3. Oregon, Washington, and Nevada
  4. Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
Grade 3 The Presidents
George Washington is known as the father of:
  1. cherry trees
  2. Mount Vernon
  3. our country
  4. Virginia
Grade 8 Early National Era
Secretary of War to George Washington
  1. Jefferson
  2. Randolph
  3. Knox
  4. Hamilton
Grade 3 The Presidents
George Washington's home is called
  1. a log cabin
  2. Mount Vernon
  3. Monticello
  4. University of Virginia
Grade 8 US History
Grade 11 Civil Rights
Who was Booker T. Washington?
  1. President
  2. General of Army
  3. Musician
  4. Leader:Educator
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