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Grade 9 Geomorphology
The breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface is                      .
  1. weathering
  2. chemical weathering
  3. erosion
  4. mechanical weathering
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Grade 4 Geomorphology
Grade 5 Geomorphology
Which of these are put in the correct order?
  1. deposition, erosion, weathering
  2. weathering, erosion, deposition
  3. erosion, deposition, weathering
  4. weathering, deposition, erosion
Grade 6 Atmosphere
Grade 9 Defining Words
  1. the roads and highways
  2. the grass and the trees
  3. the conditions of the atmosphere
Grade 6 Geomorphology
Plant roots can contribute to                                            .
  1. chemical weathering only.
  2. neither chemical nor mechanical weathering.
  3. chemical and mechanical weathering.
  4. mechanical weathering only.
Grade 4 Rocks
Rocks are broken down by changing the chemical makeup of the minerals through
  1. physical weathering.
  2. erosion.
  3. chemical weathering.
  4. deposition.
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Grade 9 Geomorphology
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