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Grade 9 WWI
What were the key differences between the war on the Eastern and Western Fronts?
  1. Western was more controlling
  2. western had trench warfare
  3. Western had total war
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
The Prime Meridian and the 180 degree meridian divide the Earth into which two hemispheres?
  1. eastern and western
  2. northern and southern
  3. western and southern
  4. eastern and northern
Grade 3 Map Components
In which two hemispheres is the United States located?
  1. Northern and Western
  2. Eastern and Southern
  3. Northern and Southern
  4. Western and Eastern
Grade 3 European Geography
Europe is located in which two hemispheres?
  1. South and Western
  2. North and Eastern
  3. South and Eastern
  4. North and Western
Grade 10 Ancient History
It is believed that the very first humans originated in
  1. Western Africa
  2. Eastern Africa
  3. Western Europe
  4. Eastern Asia
Grade 10 Tennis
Grade 3 Geography
On which hemisphere do you live?
  1. north western
  2. south western
  3. north eastern
  4. south eastern
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
The equator divides the Earth into which two hemispheres?
  1. southern and eastern
  2. northern and southern
  3. eastern and western
  4. northern and western
Grade 3 US Geography
In which two hemispheres is North Carolina located?
  1. Northern and Eastern
  2. Southern and Eastern
  3. Northern and Western
  4. Southern and Western
Grade 9 WWI
The Western Front was characterized by
  1. the slow but steady advance of the German army.
  2. trench warfare that kept both sides in virtually the same positions for four years.
  3. decisive victories by the French army, quickly driving back the German forces.
  4. innovative strategy and tactics that fully utilized the new technologies available to both armies.
Grade 4 US Geography
Grade 9 Early National Era
Grade 9 Asian Geography
This is the region where most people live in China.
  1. Northern
  2. Southern
  3. Eastern
  4. Western
Grade 7 Map Components
Grade 6 Cold War
Which part of Europe was communist?
  1. Eastern
  2. Western
  3. Northern
  4. Southern
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