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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Accounting Questions

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Grade 11 Accounting
Grade 11 Accounting
What does the bear and the bull stand for?
  1. They are signs that the Stock Market is opened and closed.
  2. The bear means stocks are falling and the bull means stocks are going up.
  3. The bear means stocks are rising and the bull means stocks are falling.
Grade 11 Accounting
Who was Dow Jones?
  1. He is the head of the Stock Market.
  2. The person who invented the DJIA.
  3. The man that became the richest person of the world because he invested in the Stock Market.
Grade 11 Accounting
What does DJIA stand for?
  1. Danny James Internet Association
  2. Dow Jones Industrial Average
  3. There is no such thing.
Grade 11 Accounting
The market price of a share of common stock is determined by:
  1. the board of directors of the firm
  2. the stock exchange on which the stock is listed
  3. individuals buying and selling the stock.
  4. the president of the company.
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