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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Poetry Questions

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Grade 6 :: Poetry by mrslitteral
Who is a famous poet, known for their sonnets?
  1. William Shakespeare
  2. Shel Silverstein
  3. Stephen King
  4. Mrs. Litteral
Grade 6 :: The Cloud by skyebomb
Grade 6 :: Poetry by Trinaschultz
Which genre below is most likely to employ alliteration and imagery?
  1. Science Fiction
  2. Historical Fiction
  3. Myth
  4. Poetry
Grade 6 :: Poetry by KellySFoster
Grade 6 :: Poetry by nreid
Grade 6 :: Poetry by szeiger
How are the "silky strings" described in the poem?
  1. Soundless
  2. A treasure
  3. Nagging
  4. Teasing
Grade 6 :: Poetry by Trinaschultz
Grade 6 :: Poetry by noraelliott
The Harlem Renaissance occurred between                
  1. 1890 and 1900
  2. 1900 and 1915
  3. 1917-1935
  4. 1940-1950
Grade 6 :: Poetry by beestah
What was the Second Great Awakening?
  1. The second time that Sleeping Beauty awoke
  2. A period of religious reform in the United States from the 1790's to the 1830's
  3. A period during which thousands of Americans sought to reshape American life
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