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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Science Questions

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Grade 6 :: Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems by rscastaneda1977
Grade 6 :: Symbiosis by racmorris
Animal that hunts and eats other animals.
  1. herbivores
  2. predator
  3. prey
  4. niche
Grade 6 :: Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems by LBeth
Place the following categories in order from smallest to largest.
  1. biosphere, ecosystem, community, population, organism
  2. organism, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  3. biosphere, population, ecosystem, community, organism
  4. organism, community, ecosystem, population, biosphere
Grade 6 :: The Moon by achinn14
Which is the closest object to Earth?
  1. Jupiter
  2. Moon
  3. Sun
  4. Pluto
Grade 6 :: Food Chains and Webs by lsh5758
                eat both plants and animals.
  1. Carnivores
  2. Herbivores
  3. Omnivores
  4. Scavengers
  5. Decomposers
Grade 6 :: Food Chains and Webs by Qalam
Some beetles break down the remains of dead animals. Some mushrooms breakdown the remains of dead trees. How do these actions most benefit plants?
  1. By returning nutrients to the soil
  2. By releasing oxygen into the air
  3. By making space for new animals
  4. By decreasing the population of herbivores
Grade 6 :: Food Chains and Webs by lsh5758
Grade 6 :: Forces and Motion by Hayajoiner
When a ball hits the ground it bounces. This is an example of
  1. Newton's First Law
  2. Gravitational Law
  3. Newton's Second Law
  4. Newton's Third Law
Grade 6 :: Biotic and Abiotic by Stodola
An ecosystem is:
  1. affecting a certain population
  2. all living and non-living things in a particular area
  3. an increase in the Earth's temperature
  4. organisms that make their own food
Grade 6 :: Earth's Layers by busser1
The thickest layer of the Earth is the
  1. Inner Core
  2. Crust
  3. Mantle
  4. Outer core
Grade 6 :: Earth's Layers by murray1901
What do geologists call the earth's crust and upper mantle?
  1. athenosphere
  2. lithosphere
  3. mesosphere
  4. atmosphere
Grade 6 :: Symbiosis by lsh5758
Grade 6 :: Evolution by esauri
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